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Kiosk 2.0 is Here!

Help your clients build their opt-in list 5 times faster with a custom Loyalty Kiosk! Not only are Kiosks an easy way to get customers to purchase more often but it also gives your client a much quicker and higher return on investment.

Here are just some of the new updates we added to our custom Loyalty Kiosk:


Kiosk 2.0 updates:

Landscape\portrait Mode
Responsive Design
New Kiosk Builder
Collect User Information
New “Check Points” feature


To see this feature in action click here

Lime Ver 5.0 is here!

frontpagemainimage170613 Lime Ver 5.0 is here!


Lime version 5.0 is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Being the developers, it gives us a tremendous edge in being able to make the improvements and updates that keep our customers ahead of the competition. We took all of your great inputs and ideas from the past 6 months and challenged our team to create your wish list in record time.

As a matter of fact, with this new release, we have given you a total of 22 feature updates. We rebuilt our dashboards from the ground up and gave it a sleek panel design which allows you to navigate through the most commonly used sections of the dashboard with lightning speed.

You and your clients have updated training tutorials that can be easily accessed directly from that feature instead of having to leave your current screen to go through the knowledge base. We have also created 4 new powerful presentations for several different industries, they are made from scratch with the newest business models and industry best practice.

These updates are not just aesthetic, there are several new tools to help you run your day to day business more effectively. You will now be able to manage all of your client’s accounts without having to log in to different areas, broadcast important messages to your clients and resellers with a scrolling dashboard ticker and the ability to lock out clients with unpaid bills. The only area they will be able to access is the one where they can pay you to reactivate their account.


View Lime Cellular Version 5.0 Full Spec.




New Features – Landing Pages

Dear Partner,

We have added some upgrades to the landing pages tool:

1. Templates – Now you can create templates under your admin dashboard that will apply to all your users. When your advertiser creates a new Landing Page he will be able to choose one of the templates or start from scratch.

2. Persistant Footer – You can set a footer that will apply to all your advertisers and can not be removed by them. For example “Powered by My Company”.

3. Opt-In Geo Location widget – For multiple location stores you can set branches and then users will enter their zip code and will be able to opt-in to the nearest one.
See example here:

Enjoy the weekend


Loyalty Program

hair salon loyalty punch cahead business card Loyalty Program


Lime Cellular is proud to offer yet another great tool for our mobile marketing customers. Our Loyalty Program tool is essentially a punch card, but with a technological twist. Instead of your customers losing their card and all of their points, obtaining points from your business is as simple as texting a keyword from a mobile device. Once customers opt-in, this allows you to build up a database of all your customers’ numbers so you can send them promotions, offers, updates and more. This tool allows you to control how many points it takes to reach the goal you set. Customize the message customers receive when they gain points, reach their goal (Congratulations you hit 10/10 points) as well as editing what your message says when a person checks in to see how many points he or she has! Award prizes or add a coupon to send to your customer when they reach the goal, all from the new Loyalty Program tool.

Text to Screen

TextToScreen1 300x210 Text to Screen
Lime Cellular is excited to show off our new Text to Screen feature. This great feature is perfect to have for many different businesses, organizations and events, such as bars, concerts, charity events, churches and more. Show customers specials, promotions, upcoming events and more, all on your screen. Let your customers participate in on the fun and allow them post messages to your screen as well. Our tool has an automated filter that will recognize curse words and filter them out with ****, so you can allow your customers to post messages while not having to worry about offending anyone. Our Text to Screen feature runs on HTML and not Flash, so many popular devices, such as Apple products, are able to include this great feature. Create opt-in lists so you can get phone numbers and build up your clientele.

New Property Listing Feature

Property Listing Feature

Fotolia 37140993 S New Property Listing Feature
We are pleased to announce the release of our much anticipated Property Listing realtor tool. This tool will help stream line the process of setting up and generating sales leads for property listings. This simple but efficient tool will let customers include information about their listings. When the listing is created, you can text in specific keywords, with the information being sent automatically to a sales agent. Listings include the address, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a custom property description that can be written by the seller. A property URL can be attached and shortened to be sent in your message, and the customer will be taken to a mobile enhanced site that will have more information about the property listing. Notifications can also be sent in whenever someone inquires about the property.


Car Listing Feature update

Enhancements have also been made to our recently released vehicle listing tool. You will now be able to upload photos as well as use the tool to not only sell cars, but other forms of vehicles as well, such as motorcycles and boats.

New Birthday SMS Feature

Birthday New Birthday SMS Feature

Lime Cellular Announcing New Birthday Feature!

Treat you customers with a special gift on their special day, include a coupon that will be triggered automatically prior or on the clients Birthday.

“Birthday Wishes” is an SMS marketing tool that enables businesses to market and engage with their customers prior or on their birthdays. This tool will automatically wish your customers a happy birthday on behalf of your business, via SMS. Businesses can then attach a coupon at the end of the SMS. You are also able to setup the coupon to be sent out prior to your clients Birthday just to give a bigger head start on having the gift delivered to them in time for the celebrations.

Have your clients market a Birthday VIP Club – Example Text Birthday to 71441 to receive special offers on your special day!

Car Listing Feature

fancy car 150x150 Car Listing Feature

We at Lime Cellular are pleased to announce our new Car Listing Feature.  Car dealerships are always looking for a way to capture leads for the automobiles they sell.  Using our car-listing feature will make capturing leads a one step process.  When you create the listing it will allow people to text in a specific keyword, when they text in, their information will automatically be sent to a sales agent.   By inserting a short url into the message the person will be taken to a mobile enhanced site that will have more information about the car listing.  Our system will also generate an ad that you can place in each car windshield, so as people walk the lot they can just text in to receive more information.