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Do I need my own short code?
Many of Lime Cellular’s clients have their own short code. If you would like to lease your own you can do so at www.usshortcodes.com. Once you have leased your short code, we can do all of the set up and carrier provisioning for you. The entire process can take up to 90 days for full carrier approval.
What does it mean to be 100% white labeled?
The term “white label” refers to a product or service that is purchased by a reseller who rebrands the product or service to give the impression that the reseller created it. Some companies do not offer a full white label service so be sure to ask when researching them.
What is the difference between a short code and a long code?
There are many reasons why short code usage is more efficient than long codes in the long run for your business. Long codes are mainly used for individual person-to-person correspondence which means that when messages are sent out, they go at a slower speed (only 1 per second to be exact). Simply put, long codes are not allowed to be used for marketing activities. In terms of mass messaging operated by an application, we at Lime Cellular highly suggest the use of a short code for a more productive and effective experience. Short codes are capable of sending out SMS and MMS messages at a rate of 200 messages per second which allows messages to be sent to many users at once. Additionally, carriers will not filter or suspend your message for heavy traffic because all of our short codes are approved by them for their intended use. Short codes can be used for anything from marketing communications, large one-to-many notification bursts, and high volumes of one-to-one transactional notifications. Overall, short codes are more advantageous to utilize for any business.
What is the difference between a vanity keyword and a system generated keyword?
Specified for your own brand, vanity keywords serve as personalized keywords for you to utilize in order to further grow your business. For example, a pizza place can lease the vanity keyword ‘pizza’. System generated keywords, however, are composed of random letters and number (four characters in total).
How long does it take for my account to be set up and live?
Our development team can get you full access to the back end of our system in less than 24 hours.
Is there a setup fee?
We at Lime Cellular do not require a set up fee to get started.
How much monthly revenue can I make with this program?
Monthly revenue depends on the packages that you create for your customers and their SMS campaigns. We provide you with full training on how to sell the SMS service and price yourself out in different industries. We also provide you with an ROI calculator so that you can forecast your monthly revenue from your customers.
What kind of training and support do you provide?
Lime Cellular offers full post-sales and technical support via email, phone, live chat, or screen share directly from your administrative dashboard. You will also have access to our award winning boot camp training that focuses on how to use the system as well as how to sell to specific industries.
Do you provide marketing material?
Lime provides you with a large variety of marketing materials in our resource center. This comes complete with table tents, sings, powerpoint presentations, sales presentations, sample pricing, sample contracts, business model spreadsheets and much more.
Can I upload an existing list of contacts to Lime's interface?
Our interface allows you to upload mobile phone numbers you have collected within your own system into our backend via our CSV file template.
What is the best industry to focus on?
Choosing an industry to focus your account on is entirely up to you and how comfortable you are with each possible vertical. We provide you with training on industry specific verticals and how to go about offering your services to them. We have a wide library of tools and marketing material in our resource center for you to utilize and sell to industry specific niches.
What countries do you provide your service to?
We provide our service in US, Canada and UK.
Do you limit us to sell to geographic locations?
We do not limit your geographic territory in selling the white label services.
How many clients can I have?
You can have unlimited clients with Lime Cellular.
How long will it take for me to build a mobile database of subsribers?
There are many ways that our resellers can build their mobile database in a timely fashion depending on the tools they would like to use for their initial campaign. Using promotional specials that ask customers in-store or online to sign up to your mobile services and receive the discounts you are offering will help build and grow your mobile database.
Do you have social media integration?
Lime provides you with the ability to integrate your social media platform with our back end. This allows customers to be more aware through social media posts.
What is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive website?
Mobile websites are optimized and designed to be displayed specifically on mobile phones. Responsive websites are designed for a multitude of devices with different screen sizes; they automatically adjust the layout of their content to the available screen size.
What is the difference between SMS and MMS?
A Short Message Service (SMS) is more commonly referred to as a text message in today’s world whereas a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is capable of including photos, videos, or even audio.
What is the length a text message can be?
SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. This includes numbers, spaces, symbols, and punctuation.

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